Where does the Movie Franchise go from Here?

Daniel Craig in No Time To Die. Image: Bing Images

With the killing of James Bond in the extraordinarily good, No Time To Die, EON, the British producers of the James Bond movies, have put themselves into what might seem like a cinematic dead end. They can’t simply hire another actor and…

Singer, Musician, Composer, Artist, Suffragist, and Ernest Hemingway’s Mother

Grace Hall Hemingway, with husband Clarence, and Ernest (centre), plus two of his two sisters. Image: The Boston Globe/JFK Library

Although Ernest Hemingway and his mother, Grace, were at daggers-drawn for most of their lives, there can be no doubt that Ernest Hemingway, the most influential of 20th century writers, would have been as nothing without his hugely talented, strong willed…

Williamson is quoted as saying that he started his career on Christmas Day, 1914, “…when, during the Truce young German soldiers told him Germany couldn’t lose because her cause was just.”

Henry Williamson by Edward Brian Seago. Image: National Portrait Gallery

Henry Williamson was the author of two fine novels, Tarka the Otter, and The Flax of Dream. He (like…

A New Production by Trinity Players, Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, July 2021

“ Destiny waits in the hand of God, shaping the still unshapen: I have seen these things in a shaft of sunlight.”

Eliot. Image: HubPages

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of T. S. Eliot, I much prefer…

“ It was therefore a great relief to me to find him not only friendly to the ideals embodied in Zionism but fully conversant with the subject.”

Weizmann with Feisal 1919. Image: israelinternationalnews.com

Chaim Weizmann was born in Russia in 1874. He was the President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the 1930s, and was…

How to Make a Living in 1870s London

A Fine Drawing of Shaw by Joseph Simpson. Image: Fine Art of America

Frank Harris’s 1931 biography of his friend, George Bernard Shaw, is an extraordinarily absorbing read because of the close relationship (with much laughter and many disagreements) the two men enjoyed, and the subsequent success that Shaw achieved due to Harris’s ability to…

Image: The Ernest Hemingway Collection

As I’ve written previously, a new generation of editors and writers were now interested in Hemingway, and not long after George Plimpton’s interview, in May 1954, rumours started flying around that Ernest Hemingway had been nominated for the Nobel Prize. The only comments Hemingway would make to journalists was that…

“ Somehow they managed to reach Entebbe, where they spent the night. The following day they flew low over dried and burnt - out land that suddenly became verdant, with streams and rivers that became a lake…”

Ernest & Mary, Africa 1954. Image: History News Network

1952 was the year that swept away the defeat of Across The River…

“ I’m trying to knock Mr Shakespeare on his ass!”

Hemingway in Cuba. Image: Pinterest — Eric Pumphrey

Early in 1949 Ernest Hemingway did manage to get Adriana out of his head long enough to do some serious work on Islands in the Stream and wrote to Charles Scribner telling him he was now hard at work again…

And Adriana Ivancich

Hemingway with Mary and Adriana. Venice 1948. Image: venetiancat.blogspot.ca

After their arrival in Genoa the Hemingways drove (they had quickly hired a chauffeur) north to Milan where they were treated like visiting royalty, with Alberto Mondadori, one of Hemingway’s publishers, assuring the author that his books had outsold any other author since the end of World…

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Playwright, Historian, Biographer & Freelance Writer Now Living and Writing in Shakespeare’s Lancashire

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