The Art of Ernest Hemingway — John Atkins

“ At the time I wrote there was only one other critical work on Hemingway…” John Atkins

Front Cover of the US edition. Image: Roy Publishers

Atkins wrote The Art of Ernest Hemingway in 1952, and my copy (published by Spring Books in 1964) has an excellent updated preface by the…

“ Dear Sir Edward, This is from my cottage and we have just been playing your 2nd Symphony…”

Sir Edward in 1931. Image:

T. E. Lawrence’s love of music is self evident when you read accounts by others of the time they spent in his company. One such account is by Flight-Lieutenant R. G. Sims…

“ In August 1928 I sent him proofs of Robert Graves’ Lawrence and the Arabs. He wrote from India: ‘The Graves book puzzles me. I do not like the long passages in which he turns Revolt in the Desert into sober prose…”

Lawrence by Eric Kennington. Image: jonathan5485/Tate Gallery

The name Jonathan Cape has been synonymous with…

“ Whitman always spent a great deal of time in their lavatory…”

Image of Whitman:

In his superb 1989 autobiography, Words Through A Window Pane, the English writer Michael Meyer takes the reader on several literary journeys back in time — in the manner of the hand that shook the hand, which can…

Ernest Hemingway, Dylan Thomas, D. H. Lawrence & Others

Image of Hemingway:

My discovery of Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, and Dylan Thomas, came about as a result of a new English teacher — a fresh-faced young Welshman called Mr Jones — who, in 1960, had been parachuted into Hugh Clopton Secondary Modern…

A Short Story

Image: American Courts and the National Archives

The snow lay deep and crisp and even. In fact it wasn’t that deep, or crisp, and after the morning’s shelling by a couple of German 88s it was very uneven indeed, and in places, many places, still crimson from the battering the US 4th Infantry Division…

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Playwright, Historian, Biographer & Freelance Writer Now Living and Writing in Shakespeare’s Lancashire…

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